Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Belgium versus Holland

I wouldn't mind living in Holland. It's very nearby for me. Like a 15 min drive. I like to run errands just across the border. I even go to the market in Holland. I like the Dutch, for being so upfront. Belgians are much more modest and wait-and-see. Belgians can be very friendly talking to you. But wait until they have gone! They can tell a whole different story about you to their friends. The Dutch on the other hand, will tell you exactly how they feel about you. Whether they like your outfit or not. If you say something they don't like, they'll tell you right away. Belgians would be more reluctant in telling you. They are not that upfront.

I have Dutch ladies among my friends, as well as Belgian girls. They are both very different, but that's part of the fun. We all speak Dutch, but there are so many differences in our languages, dialect and pronunciation. I guess that's what makes it even more interesting. Their food culture is so different from ours as well. They have more Asian food than we do. I do prefer our cuisine though..

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