Sunday, May 23, 2010

Don't say nothing

I've been stupid again.. The first sunbeams were out yesterday and I was so in the mood to catch some warmth. So I took off my clothes, and fell asleep on the sunbed in my underwear. Ever seen a boiled lobster? Exactly.. It stings terribly. Half of my face is burnt, my upper arms , my back, my hind legs, my buttocks, calves,.. pff. I'm so stupid. Walking is painful, sitting down is painful and I can't stand the feeling of clothes on my burnt skin. Sleeping was torture for I couldn't find a good position to avoid rubbing the sore spots. I guess I'll never learn.. Will someone come and smear my body with a soothing lotion?


Anonymous said...

Ik kan daar zo boos om worden, verleden jaar in Cadzand had je dat ook.
En volgend jaar zegt men je dan: oeps, je zonnekrediet is op.

Bittersweet said...

Ik pleit schuldig.. maar 't is geen zeggen aan...