Saturday, May 22, 2010

The evening after the night before

Last night, we had an Indian dinner at my place. Lots of fun and laughter and love from the food. Winnetou himself rang my doorbel, completely with feathered headdress. He must have thought the Native Americans were originally from India. It was hilarious! It suited him well though and it was a great idea. I thought he would have showed up in salwar kameez and red dot between his eyes. Guess that wasn't catchy enough.
My other guest stayed overnight, so trust me: we didn't go to bed early.. I love having people over and I do enjoy cooking for them. I must say, my guests did great at helping out in the kitchen. It was their job to make the chapati, from scratch. And they did absolutely fine!

We should definitely do this more often. But if we do, I will have to pay more attention to my diabetes, since last night I forgot to bolus for dinner.. meaning I ended up with skyhigh numbers. Shoot.. and saying that the evening started with a low..

Tonight, I'm having another dinner party, with my diabetic friends. We're going out, totally out of the blue. Some people need to be cheered up. So that's what we'll do right? We're going to have a bite at the local Egyptian-Greek restaurant.. Well, that is.. what one of our friends told us. Last time we were over there, he promised us a good meal in a Greek restaurant. Once we got there, it seemed to be an Egyptian restaurant. But the food was good and the staff was polite. Another friend of ours is spending 14 days in Kos, Greece. So to be closer to her, we're meeting with the others in the Egyptian-Greek restaurant. Cheers Mrs. M! There's a toast on you! We'll send you the bill!

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