Sunday, May 23, 2010

Nana from Ghana

Middle 1980's, Rock op het Plein Festival, Wervik. I don't remember the exact date of the first time I heard the Skyblasters sing, but I do remember I liked their reggae music and the band members. One of the singers - Nana (Prince Far Out is a name that slightly crosses my mind) - in particular had drawn my attention. He had a rasta hairdo and he was real gentle and funny. He had an amazing warm voice and I loved his black accent. I don't recall how we managed to see one another, but somehow we did. He once made me a tape, full of Bob Marley songs that he had sung for me. I had kept that tape for so many years, but I must have lost it at a certain time.
Nana visited me on different occasions and I still remember his birthday and his address in Ghent. I wonder where he is now and how he's doing. He must be in his early 60's now. I still hear his laughter clatter in my ears and I can imagine the shine of his sparkling white teeth. Strange how sometimes, old memories pop up and make you go back in time.

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