Friday, July 2, 2010

Feeling hot hot hot

We no longer need to fly to Turkey or Morocco, to get good weather. The sun was burning hot today, reaching a temperature of 90°F! Ouch! Now that's hot, at least for Belgian standards. I didn't feel like coming outside and my blood glucose played tricks with me.. too many hypos in one day..

I'm not complaining though. We did ask for sunshine after all. I know it's a little too much, but hey, what did you expect? There will be more red fruit if the sun keeps shining.

The dogs need to find some shadow. Hubby is still working on their kennel. The run has been placed and floored and now he's building the whippets a nice custom made dog house. They will love it! It's like their new kingdom! Let's hope they will feel the same, once they have to stay there for a couple of hours. They are tired, laying all over the place, and their tongue licks the floor to find a cool touch. I'm happy we have no problems keeping the house cool. There are huge chestnut trees in front of the house, protecting us from the heat. It's been a hot day..

We're off to Holland now. Out to dinner: the first mussels of the season have arrived!

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