Saturday, July 3, 2010


I'm desperate. Don't know what to do..
Last night we went out for dinner. The dog run was ready for Inthe and Rebba, although we don't have a dog house yet. But it was just fine the way it was, so we put the dog beds, food and water in the kennel. The dogs were pretty excited to run around in the kennel. So we left..

We were in Holland, just near the restaurant, when our neighbor phoned us.. Inthe had tried to escape from the dog run. She had managed to wrench both shoulders through the fence and then she got stuck. She couldn't move back or forth and she was in total despair. My nearly 70 yo neighbor heard her scream and howl so he climbed over the fence to free her. He needed some tools to force the bars (he's not the Hulk after all), so he could set her free. Inthe ran into the garden and he couldn't catch her. That's when he called us.. So we raced back home (I hope I won't get a ticket for speeding) to comfort her and let Rebba out of the run. I don't know what else we can do, to make them a safe spot. We want them to be safe while we are out.

So the next solution is to tie netting around the fence, so she can no longer stick her head/shoulders through the bars. Both dogs had been in the kennel before, but only with us in their surroundings. This was the first time that we were out.

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