Saturday, July 3, 2010


It must have been ages ago, when I last bought a little black dress and killer high heels.. I see my oldest daughter in her first little black dress and she looks stunning. She's a popular girl. Intelligent, articulate, slim, good looking, ship shape. She keeps saying she's not interested in having a family of her own. No husband, no children, no pets. She likes having boyfriends though. And the like is both ways. She likes to hang out with her friends. Go to the pool or do some shopping. They like to listen to music together and make pictures. She's a good kid and she's fun to be around. Her killer high heels are not very killer and certainly not that high. But she does like high heels! She's tall (taller than me, I know, no need to remind me) and she has great muscular legs (that's what ballet does to your limbs). So yes, high heels look great on her. I hope it will be some time before little sister starts wearing her first LBD and KHH. She's still my baby girl..

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