Monday, July 19, 2010

You chuckle head!

Accu-Chek Combo Insulin Pump
The sun was out and I was chilling in the garden. A good book, a cold drink and nobody else around. Just me and the whippets. They were laying beside me - tongues out and closed eyes - trying to catch some sun.
I had a bag beside me, holding my glucose meter, strips and lancing device. I do have to poke my fingers several times a day to check my BG, so that came in handy.

Going inside to go to the bathroom, I didn't bring anything with me. In the meantime, I wanted to check my mail. That's when Inthe ran into the house and jumped on the couch. I could tell she was holding something in her mouth.. Darn you Inthe! She had brought in my lancing device! I rushed outside, to find an empty bag!! Where was my meter??? Where were my strips!? Good grief! Inthe thought it was a pretty fun game, because she ran along, looking for my stuff. And there were my strips! Still had to find my meter.. grumble. That meter is very expensive, since it is also the remote of my insulin pump.. I kept hoping she didn't chew on it! But no, there it was, in the shrubs! What a relief.. my doctor would have killed me!

Why does the innocent look on her face make me belief, she wanted to bring me my appliances? She must have thought I forgot about them.. Or do you think otherwise?


Upje said...

Oelala! Dat zou wel ietwat pijnlijk geweest zijn, als je nu al moest gaan zeggen dat je materiaal al beschadigd was. *Grijns*.


Bittersweet said...

't was toch efkes zweten zulle!!! mag er niet aan denken dat ze de meter zou kapot gebeten hebben. De prikker tot daar aan toe, maar die afstandsbediening... Leg dat maar eens uit..