Friday, August 13, 2010


Don't you all love antipasti? There are so many different little treats to spoil yourself with, that I don't know what to discuss first. Maybe I should start with the latest tapas I bought? That was tomato caviar... and that was pretty exciting to eat! They are mini cherry tomatoes, the size of small pickled onions. They taste so sweet (they are not sweetened with sugar by the way!) and tender and juicy. There's a red and a yellow tomato caviar and either one is fabulous. I mixed them in a bowl with bite size mozzarella marbles, put some garlic pepper on top and added some freshly shredded basil leaves. What a great snack! Forget about crisps, drop the popcorn ad throw out the candy bars. This is what you were looking for!

I'm looking forward to more tapas by this brand. There are stuffed apricots I would love to try, sundried tomatoes and so many more products. Enrico distributes these great and honest products. They are located in Holland. I'm so happy to live that close to the border, so I can get my treats whenever I want. Check out the site! I'm sure you'll love their tapas too!

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