Friday, August 13, 2010

Loading up on carbs

I used to be a big carbohydrate lover. Bread, baked potatoes, rice, pasta, cookies, cake.. I believe too many carbs are not meant for humans. Diabetes has become epidemic.. Is it strange if you see how many carbs people have been eating in the last, say 50, years? In the old days, people had more meat and fat than carbs and there was less diabetes.

Since I've been diagnosed with D, my body no longer likes carbs. In fact, it resents carbs now. My body lets me know, by raising my blood glucose levels. I should've listened to my body way sooner. My pancreas couldn't cope any longer.. Is that why it gave up? No longer producing insulin? Did it teach me to eat less carbs?

My daily intake nowadays is around 60 gr of carbs. That's a whole lot less than what my dietician wanted me to have in the first place. She talked 220 gr of carbs.. way too much for me. My blood glucose is much nicer for me now, showing less rollercoaster moments. This is exactly what I was looking for..

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