Sunday, August 8, 2010

An appetite for life

My appetite for life is never ending. Life's good. There are so many horizons to explore, so many fun things to do. There's a reason I don't like to watch the news. So many sad things happening in the world. Newborns get killed by their moms, people commit suicide like never before, road accidents have become warp and weft. One should become depressed listening to all this bad news..

I'm not blind to whatever happens in the world, but I prefer to focus on the good side of life. I don't want to survive, I want to live! Because life is worth living. Because life on this planet is so short. Happiness is to be found in little things. In this century, everything has to be bigger and more expensive and more exclusive. That manner prohibits us from appreciating the ordinary things in life. A freshly toasted English muffin, a good song on the radio, a pale sunbeam peaking through the curtains, the warm body of a whippet next to yours.. Life's good. Really. If only you would try to recognize it.

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