Monday, August 30, 2010

I can't believe it..

Our daughters are often invited to go to birthday parties of their school friends. So I drive them around town, sometimes even an hour drive away from home. I'm always amazed at the sizes of the houses those kids live in.. Wow.. This week I dropped the youngest one at her friend's house. What a wonderful home those people had. A heated outdoor pool with a fully furnished pool house (bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, changing rooms,..) was the eye catcher. Eva was so astound. She looked at me like: why don't we have a pool??? I think she has too many rich friends.. Or at least friends with more than wealthy parents. She frequents an old school in Bruges and apparently, many rich kids attend that same school. We are not poor, by any means. In fact, we do real well. But no, we don't have a pool nor a pool house. And no, we don't need three cars, two are plenty. Kids are so vulnerable. They see differences between families and they dream their dreams. If I ask them how they will accomplish their dreams, they say they'll marry a rich man.
We all need money to live. Living in the 21st century is expensive. People that say money can't buy happiness, probably have plenty. We all need money. Because we do want more out of life. It's more comfortable to live than to survive. Each one of us is used to a certain standard in life. Some are wealthy since birth, others climb up step by step by working hard and saving their money. And then you have the lucky ones, who win the lottery. Money can be a real pain too. Listen to people that are involved in nasty divorces. If they have money, the outcome is disastrous. Neither one wants to give up their luxurious lifestyle. And that's when the fight over money begins.
Knowing how to handle money is something we all need to learn. It starts at a very young age. You work weekends and holidays and for the rest of the year, you go to school. That's a good way to start saving for future dreams. At least, if you are lucky enough to get the money you saved.. Because not all parents are that honest.. In fact, some are real good at pretending you never saved any money.. Whatever.. dreams come true, not only in Disney movies.

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