Sunday, August 29, 2010


MENstruation, MENopauze, MENtal breakdown... ever noticed that most female problems begin with MEN? Men are lucky.. There aren't many typical male problems, like the problems women are facing. Think menstruation.. Just make the calculation. How about we take 13 years old as the starting period age? Let's say: for a 50 year period. Twelve times a year. Not a very appealing thought, is it? And then there's menopauze. More hassle. I hear menopauze is even worse than menstruation. Are women blessed with these two pfenoMENon because we're the only sex that can handle it? Perhaps so.

We all have mental breakdowns every now and then. Because there are so many things to deal with in such a short period of time. Even though men have come to their senses and try to help out more around the house, they are still mainly in charge of bringing home the paycheck (trust me, the paycheck is still important). Most of the household chores are still in women's hands. If men agree to help out, they sometimes hire help to do so: they ask their mom, they hire a cleaning lady or a nanny. And you know what? They are absolutely right! Women need to change this crazy superwoman ideal! They don't have to be everything and a whole lot more. They are women and that's plenty for a job! So ladies out there: don't wait for your husbands to hire help around the house. Find help yourself! You deserve it! It will keep you from having another mental breakdown..

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