Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ladies only

The girls and I had this plan, to take grandma to the movies in September. It must have been ages since she last went to the cinema although she always loved to do that. Every month, there's a special ladies only night at the movie theatre. And then we said: hey, why not invite all the aunties of the family? So the sisters-in-law are joining us as well! Meaning there will be a group of 7 wonderful ladies to have a great night out!

Grandma is not supposed to know about the event of the night. She knows we are going to pick her up to go some place, but she has no idea we'll go out for dinner and see a movie afterwards. Very exciting! We told her we were going to have a great time at some wellness centre.. LOL

I hope the photographer present will take our picture. It will be a memorable picture of all the girls in the family on their first night out together. Our youngest daughter will be in boarding school at the time, but I'm sure the principal will let us pick her up. The night wouldn't be complete without her..

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