Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mary Janes

Maybe I should plan another trip to the local DIY store. My shoes need another cabinet for the other is way too crowded already. The other cabinet I made all by myself and it looks like a million dollars. I never found a decent cabinet that would hold all of my shoes. Pumps as well as boots, high heels or flip flops.
I have no problem giving away clothes, but I don't like to get rid of my shoes. Just the other day, when we came back from Oberhausen, my youngest daughter asked me to leave her my shoes after I died. In fact, I didn't have to wait that long, she said. She loves shoes, just the way I do. And you know what else she said? That she would buy shoes just for the look of it. There's not always a need to wear them. Some are so pretty that she would expose them in her bedroom. She's adorable..

In Oberhausen, Germany, I got myself a pair of petrol blue Mary Janes. They are comfortable. They may not be that elegant or feminine, but my feet like them. They match my jeans or white pants and I know I will wear them quite often. They are good shoes to wear when I have a long car ride ahead of me. My black and velvet sky high Nicky Vankets heels may be eye catchers and they may make my feet look dazzling, but I could never drive my car wearing them. So I guess I'll keep my Mary Janes in the car. Next to my Nicky Vankets's. Just in case.. A girl always has to be prepared for just about any occasion.. Always.

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