Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cat in a hat

Little Lad Billy
From the sight of the picture, the title should be "dog in a hat". Since whippets have lots of characteristics of a cat (they do what they want, not what you want), the title is not going to be any different.

On Facebook, this picture struck me. I thought it was hilarious! Have never seen a dog wear a hat, but this fellow - Little Lad Billy - just loves his hat. It keeps his head and ears warm in the cold and rainy place of Ireland. I love him! He's so handsome!

Our whippets have pyjamas. One is orange, the other is black. Inthe doesn't mind putting on pj's when she's not feeling well. Rebba is not too fond of it. She refuses to walk in it. I guess it feels more like a straitjacket to her. But Inthe is open to anything.

No, I'm not going to buy a hat for the girls. Our daughters have warned me not to. Hahaha! well, they know their crazy mom. But no, I'll skip on the hat. For now at least..

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