Sunday, September 26, 2010

A shadow or two by your side

Our whippets are very fond of structure and habits. They wait for you to get up in the morning and put your clothes on. Because they know you'll take them for a walk. They follow you around the house, side by side, like two shadows. They are so afraid to miss out on something, that they do not want to loose track of you. As soon as you enter the hallway to go get their leashes, both dogs become so excited, that one might think we forgot to feed them their Retaline. They are all anxious and excited and wound up. But sometimes, you're not ready to take them along. Either you need to do something else or go to work and then little Inthe is inconsolable. She cries and whines and has no idea why you won't take her.

Last week we took them to the woods to let them have a good run. For the first time, we let Inthe run all by herself, without a leash. She loved it!!! And so did Rebba. But this time, you were their shadow. The idea of releasing them was a little too much for you. You were afraid they would run off and never come back. Maybe they would spot a pheasant or a bunny rabbit and go chase it. There's always a chance they might do that, but they listen real well to me whistling them back.

It was great to see those two muppets communicate. They were just walking next to each other, their bodies touching. And then they looked at the other like they were explaining the rules. In a tic both of them would start running their lungs out. At a certain point of their imaginary racing track, they would make a U-turn and race all the way back. It's wonderful to watch them have a great time! I love my two shadows. They make me a better me!

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