Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A change would do you good

That's what your Dutch doggie mommy said, when we came to take a look at you last year. She had picked you up in Denmark, where you had lived for 2 years. Her house is full of whippets and Italian sighthounds. They loved you deeply, but you told her you lacked attention. You wanted more cuddles and someone to call your own. They decided we could have you if we promised to take good care of you. So on September 1 2009, you came to live with us. I can't believe it's already been a year. I remember your first day in our house. You raced around the backyard, playing with your toys. You were really happy to come live with us, although you loved your Dutch mommy and daddy deeply. We adopted you, but every now and then, you have the chance to visit your other adoptive parents. They still love you and you haven't forgotten about them. We picked another name for you and you know your name real well.

Since your playmate Inthe came to live with us, you have declared yourself a mommy. And you are a very good mommy to her! You take care of her, you teach her things, you scold her for bad behaviour and you dry her when she's been out playing in the rain. Inthe is so fond of you and she follows you around the house.

You are a very smart whippet. When we need to go some place, you and Inthe spend a couple of hours in your outdoor kennel. You're not crazy about the idea, but once you're in the kennel, you go to the dog house and you lay down and sleep. But it's a real charade to get you there. Most of the time, you stay on the terrace, while Inthe races to the kennel straight away. We end up carrying you all the way back there (you're heavy girl!). You're just too smart! Did I tell you that we all love you to pieces???

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