Saturday, September 18, 2010


It's getting colder. It's no longer an option to keep the back door open day and night. Hubby just turned the central heating on. So I guess I'll have to reeducate the whippets. Especially Inthe is used to running in and out whenever she feels like it. Rebba is more at ease, since she spends most of her time on the couch. If Rebba doesn't have to go outside, she won't. But Inthe, that's another tale.

We started last week, by closing the door to the terrace. It's like Inthe has become claustrophobic instantly! She cries and she weeps and she's just inconsolable. She has no idea why all of a sudden, her way out is no longer available. She's completely frantic over it! She gives me that special puppy look like: why are you doing this to me??? It breaks my heart of course (whippets are really good at making you feel guilty), but it's the only way to teach her that the doors will no longer be open whenever she wants them to be.

I let them in and out 4 times a day now. For at least 15 minutes, they have outdoor recess, like school kids have their recreation on the playground. Rebba is not happy at all, but Inthe really looks forward to her playtime in the backyard.

I have decided they should spend some time in their outside kennel as well, on a daily basis. An hour at least. So they really get used to being out there every now and then. Rebba didn't like it at first. She just knows when they'll have to stay there for a while. To her, it means "mommy" is going out. And she doesn't want mommy to go out. She's too smart. But I tempt her with goodies and now she's become used to it. I don't even tell them. Goodies in one hand and a bowl of water in the other, I just go outside and in a jiffy, they are beside me. I piddle in their kennel for a while, until both of them come in as well. Then they sit down to get their treat and I leave. They go inside their doghouse straight away, to take a nap. It's good for them to have a safe haven. And it gives us some peace of mind as well.

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