Saturday, September 18, 2010

Help find a cure!

Diabetes is not some disease that stays unnoticed, unfortunately. Most of you already know someone who is suffering from this chronic disease.

Someone I love has diabetes. 
Someone you love might too someday..  

You would probably be happy then, that researchers do their utmost to find a cure. For decades we have been told there was going to be a solution. Researchers are getting closer, more than ever. But they need finances to keep going. They need to keep going, to help millions of people with diabetes.

Hippo and Friends is a Dutch non-profit organization, that is offering all of its time in helping children with diabetes. They have come up with this texting event. Text "steun onderzoek" (support research) to 3355. For every text message you send, the Belgian Diabetes Registry receives € 2.00 to help finance diabetes research. The cost of a loaf of bread, to help people with diabetes get a better future. Assume you can be the one, that donates that specifique € 2.00 that will help find the solution. Wouldn't that be awesome??

At this moment, the 3355 number is only available for people in Belgium. Let's hope the action will spread to many more countries. Feel free to share the link with your friends and family. Tell them about the text message and ask them for a donation from the heart.

And I know your heart's in the right place..

Oh! and before I forget! There's no limit!
You can text as many times as you want!!!

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