Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A clock radio for Christmas

Admit it. You must have had at least one silly present for Christmas at some point in your life. Some people really get a hang of it, to pick out the most ridiculous Christmas presents ever! So tell me: what was your most disappointing present ever? A pair of socks? Handkerchiefs? An album full of dull Christmas songs? A third corkscrew?
Then what do you do with the presents that are absolutely too ridiculous? Do you keep them aside for future raffle prizes? Do you politely thank the giver and give him your broadest smile ever, because the thought is more important than the present? Or do you burst into tears, whining about why this always seem to happen to you?

The whole year round, I look out for presents for my beloved ones. I buy them at whatever time and keep them in my special box until Christmas peeks around the corner. Sometimes I wrap the presents in advance and provide them with a gift card. And then, so many months later, I find presents for any Tom, Dick and Harry, but I can't remember what's in it. So by then, it's become a surprise to me as well!

Some people are absolutely easy to find presents for. Because they are not demanding nor picky, but also because they have many hobbies, making it easier to pick something pleasant. And there are people who are so hard to please.. Nothing makes them happy. You can't but see the disappointment on their faces while opening their presents. No matter what you buy, it will never please them, just because they are that kind of people.

I keep a wishlist and that has come in very handy at times. Don't you ever have people ask you what they could make you happy with? Exactly.. right there and then, you are tongue-tied and you absolutely have no idea what to wish for. Now that's when you end up with a vibrator or an ashtray or a silly keyhanger.. Be prepared!

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