Wednesday, December 22, 2010


In our days, we used to watch Sons and Daughters or Home and Away. Later we switched to programmes like The Bold and the Beautiful. Does it surprise you that this last series is still on air? Nothing much has changed over the years. Many characters are still playing their role. I can't remember what Brooke and Eric looked like 20 years ago, but it seemed like they didn't age at all. Would they say the same if they could take a peek at us?

Nowadays, our oldest daughter is a fan of DOOL, better known as The Days of Our Lives. She doesn't always have the time to watch every single episode, so she records whatever she can. And then - on a day off - she has a DOOL marathon, watching one episode after the other. Sometimes I take a glance and you know what startles me every time? Nothing really seems to happen.. things appear to go on forever, month after month, year after year. To discover that, a decade later, things haven't changed dramatically. To be honest, if you haven't seen the show for 10 years, you can just cuddle up in your chair and pick in where you left off..

What is it with people that they want to watch series like DOOL or The Bold and the Beautiful? Is it an escape from reality? Is it he consistency of the daily TV show? A daily appointment with people we get to know through a TV series? It's not that the series are that interesting or exciting.. or are they really?

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