Sunday, December 26, 2010

I know a little

My handyman comes in handy at many occasions. He knows a little about everything and that's a very good virtue. Trying to solve all the little problems around the house, it has saved us a lot of money and aggravation. I'm completely helpless without my dishwasher, since I spend so much time in the kitchen. Please don't make me do dishes! So Hubby got his tools from the shed, screwed the panel off and sat down in front of the machine, trying to figure out why no water was coming into the appliance. He checked the Internet, thought some more and came up with the solution. And yes! my dishes can be washed again.. what a relief!

I hear appliances start to show failure after 10 years and that's completely true. Dishwasher, oven, freezer, fridge, dryer, toilets, washing machine... Been there, several times. But every time, hubby could fix the problem. He would be a great mechanic!

I know a little about how to work all of my appliances but Hubby knows a lot about how they work.

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