Monday, December 27, 2010


I want to go hunt for new clothes! Really... I mean, my dresser is close to empty. I keep filling bags with clothes that need to go to the clothes bin or vintage shop. Same for my shoes... and that is more painful. I hate to throw out shoes, but after some fitting sessions, I came to the realization that some shoes will never be worn again, so they have to go.

I like my nearly empty closet. I gives me a sense of freedom and a better overview of what to wear. Some pieces have hardly ever been worn and others were so worn out, I should have let go a long time ago. I'm ready to make a list of basics I will need. Two pairs of well fitted jeans is the first item on the list. A crisp white tailored blouse is another must have. And an amazing belt! I would like grey dresser pants too, and a warm wool sweater. I need some color in my dresser. I have bought some beautiful dresses last months, so no more dresses, or it would have to be another dress I simply can't resist.

Who wants to join me??? I need a personal shopper!!!


UNCLE DIRK said...

and what about me...your personal assistant for everything...remember ...ONE NUMBER !

Bittersweet said...

LOL! I hope I won't have to call you to hear your advice. Looking forward to some shopping days!