Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's hard to take back stupid

What was I thinking??? One of my diabetic friends had some questions on her insulin pump. She wanted to know if you could interrupt an insulin delivery. I was pretty convinced it was possible, but I wanted to be sure, so I decided to try it out. I gave myself a bolus of insulin and tried to cancel the delivery. That didn't work. There's this saying that donkeys don't kick the same stone twice.. Well, this donkey did. I gave myself another bolus because I just knew there had to be a way.. And once again, I didn't find the button to cancel the bolus. Within seconds, I felt dizzy and I started to shake.. My sugar levels were dropping like crazy!! What had I done??? HELLO??? I can't believe I did that, without unplugging my pump. Shoot! That was just too crazy! I had given myself a total of 6 units without any carbs to cover that..

I grabbed my glucose meter, poked my finger and tested my blood sugar: 25 mg/dl. Great! Well, not so great. In fact: pretty bad! Way too low. I felt this was not the end yet. My levels were definitely going to drop even lower. So I stopped my pump right away, grabbed several pieces of candy and stuffed those in my mouth. Man, it's hard to take back stupid, but this time I wish I had paid more attention..


Upje said...

Ge zijt toch ook een kieksken! Volgende keer kan je misschien eerst het handboek eens opgraven voor je tot zulke acties overgaat, hé ;).

'k Ben blij dat het toch allemaal goed is gekomen, meiske.


Bittersweet said...

Mijn gedacht.. De bedoeling was dat ik zou afkoppelen hè, maar blijkbaar ben ik dat toch vergeten... stoem stoem stoem. Maar weer een goeie les geleerd :-)

Upje said...

Maar zó vlug kan insuline nu ook weer niet werken, hé, dus vermoedelijk zat je sowieso al bijzonder laag. Ja ... leuk is anders ;).

Bittersweet said...

Dat is ook mijn bedenking. En dat zal ook de reden zijn dat ik niet zo geconcentreerd bezig was. Anders zou ik nooit zoiets gedaan hebben, veronderstel ik.. But you can't take back stupid hè!