Friday, December 3, 2010

Less is more

If I consider the numerous times I go out to dinner or lunch, I should way 150 kg by now..

I love to frequent restaurants and enjoy good food with friends. Although I love to cook, it's always interesting to see and taste someone else's food. People sometimes ask me how come that I'm not bigger than I am, since I dine out a lot. Well.. this is the secret: less is more! I skip on the carbohydrates as much as I can. You should give it a try: have the cook replace the carbs in your meal by vegetables. How about that? Ask the waiter to give your basket of bread and butter to that friendly man at the other table. Let the Italians indulge their delicious pasta and pick a salad or an exciting vegetarian dish instead. There are so many options to enjoy a good meal without adding any calories to your body. Does that mean that my restaurant meals are boring? Absolutely not! Or I would give up going out instantly. After all, I'm paying for a good meal and that's what I wish to get. Try to find a good restaurant with an inventive cook who isn't afraid of vegetables. There are so many good things to choose from, that you don't need to feel left out if you have the tendency to gain weight just by smelling food.

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