Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What were you thinking?

My hair was still wet from the shower I just took. I used a bath towel to clear the steam from the bathroom mirror. Looking at myself, I stretched my skin to look for wrinkles - that I didn't find - and grey hair - didn't find any either. I'm 39 and I wonder: where has time gone? Do I feel 39? I don't know. What is 39 supposed to feel like? I feel young. I feel healthy and fresh. A bit wiser than 20 years ago. A bit more mature too.

Our bathroom is stuffed with health care products and make up, fragrant soaps, razor blades and hair removal gels. What do you want with three girls in the house? Even the girls are particular about their looks. They have their own blow dryer, brushes, make up, creams and shampoos. They manicure, pluck their eyebrows and color their lashes. 

I just finished blow drying my hair. I think it could use some extra hair dresser care. Maybe a different color. Rich, glossy and a chestnut shade. Taking good care of yourself is important. We have to honor our body, since we only have one. Let's try and find that body cream, so my body can enjoy a good layer of luscious body lotion. I'm ready to be pampered..


Upje said...

Gij zijt ook een frisse. Uiteraard zal je geen grijze haar vinden als je het regelmatig laat kleuren :P ...

Maar het moet gezegd: je ziet er nog stralend uit, schoonheid! Als je nu gezegd zou hebben dat je maar een jaar of vijf ouder was dan ikzelf, dan had ik dat meteen geloofd!!

Dikke smakkerd,

Bittersweet said...

Hela hela poppemie! Ik zat al met een serieuze uitgroei hè en kom maar zoeken: niets grijze haartjes! :-)

Merci voor 't compliment hè! Ik voel mij op slag weer 30 x