Monday, January 24, 2011


The common laptop died.. forever this time. It was close to exploding and a burnt smell entered the room. Time to shut it off and throw it out. What a pain this Packard Hell has been.. I'm glad to get rid of it. It's too bad for the money it has cost us, but there's no use in getting it repaired again.. and again.. and again.

Both girls have new laptops now. They both got a 15 inch HP and they are very happy with it. I'll stick to my Mac for the moment and Hubby can use all three or his iPhone to check the Internet. Let's keep our fingers crossed, this time the laptops will serve a little longer. Life wouldn't be the same without the Internet, I know. The girls need it to sync their music, to keep in touch with their friends and to do some research for school. Nowadays children are almost obligated to have their own computer. If not, they miss out on so much. We do make sure that both girls still have time to visit their friends and have a real life next to their virtual life on the Net.

I'm glad we only have 2 kids, not 5 or 6..

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