Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tell me what it takes

Both our girls have been blessed. They are pretty to look at and they take good care of themselves. Our oldest daughter, Lana, is already wearing braces. Now it's time for Eva to decide whether she wants braces or not. There wasn't too much hesitance: YES! She's been looking forward to paying the orthodontist a visit. We have chosen a different one than the one Lana is frequenting. Since Eva goes to school in Bruges, it would be better for her to have a local orthodontist.

The place is very neat and modern and they use the most modern technologies. The braces are custom made in the US. I don't know how many orthodontists work in that practice, but there were too many white costume wearing people around. We had to be there on a Saturday night. Listening to the numbers of the cost, my head was spinning. The doctor was pointing out her view on dental treatment on a computer screen that was hidden in a mirror wall. It was like going back to the future! We were all pretty impressed, especially about the prices of the treatment.. The icing on the cake, was the gold wire they would place on the inside of the teeth after the last treatment. Just to prevent the teeth from going back to their previous position. A gold wire.. go figure. And no ma'am. Health insurance doesn't refund the cost.. unfortunately.. Hmhmhm.. Health insurance is a little old fashioned. They refund the costs of braces that were made 40 years ago. Technology has changed dramatically since, but they have not adapted their refunding. Will that keep us from giving our children the perfect teeth? Absolutely not. Us parents think a nice mouth is an important feature in our face. The orthodontist gave us pictures of Eva before the treatment. I'm looking forward to the after pictures, a year from now.. That is if we start the treatment this month. We'll see.

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