Sunday, January 23, 2011

For free

I have no idea how you guys feel about working as a volunteer, but it has always been an interest of mine. Working as a volunteer can be very satisfying. At a certain point in my life, I have worked a fulltime job as a volunteer in a nursing home. It felt good to go there and be of any help to the elderly. They were so happy to see me and really looked forward to the frequent visits. Many of them never got other visitors, so my visit became more important to them than ever.

Many organisations need volunteers to make things work. Not all organisations have enough funds to run smoothly. That's where you can help out. Have you ever considered it?
I have a friend who regularly walks dogs from the dog shelter. For free. Because she cares. Because otherwise nobody else would walk them. Simply because there's no money to hire people.
I hear about people taking care of severely sick children, so their parents can take a break every now and then. A break they need to remain sane. Someone they can trust with their child, so they don't need to worry. Someone who's not afraid to spend a day around a child whose life is coming to an end. Those people are golden..

Working as a volunteer is different than working for a pay check. It's a different kind of satisfaction. You will go deep, because you may experience emotions you haven't experienced before. There are so many things one can do. You don't need to work as a fulltime volunteer. You might even jump in once a month to help out. Because every set of hands is priceless. Think about it. Consider it. Do it.

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