Saturday, January 22, 2011

The road leads back to you

Tomorrow, we're having our annual diabetes meeting in Limburg. I'm thrilled to see my friends again. Some I see more often than others, and this is the perfect opportunity to have a chat and catch up. It was good to hear that a new member of our forum will join us as well. He and his family are very welcome. I hope us chatty women won't scare them..

Diabetes will always be the catalyst in our friendship. It doesn't matter if you're a type 1 or a 1.5 or a type 2. Whether you have an insulin pump, pens or oral medication, you all have diabetes or maybe a member of your family has this chronic disease. It's good to discuss what keeps us busy, but please don't think our meetings are elegies. Absolutely not! We have a wonderful time together and there's so much laughter and joy when we are together.

It might get late. Because that's what happens at diabetes meetings: we loose track of time.. Who cares? We're together and we're friends. There's plenty of food and drinks and we have nowhere else to go. See you all tomorrow!! I'm sorry for those who can't make it this year..

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