Thursday, January 20, 2011

I will be giving my all

She has made her decision: Lana is ready for a student job. She's looking for weekend work and something to do during school holidays. Some extra money comes in handy at any time and she's nearly 16 now. It will give her some extra insight in life as well.
I asked her what she wanted to apply for. She didn't know, she said. Always in doubt, always weighing pros and cons. I have done several jobs as a student. Just 13 and already up and going. I served some time in a launderette, worked as a waitress for several years, raised a bunch of tiger cubs, cleaned restaurants in a theme park, helped out the local baker, took care of children, walked around dressed up as the mascot of that same theme park,.. There are so many different jobs to consider. It's just too bad there aren't as many vacancies... That's why we went downtown to have her enrolled in a bureau where they hire students. They wrote down her co-ordinates and promised her to contact her as soon as they had a vacancy. She's expecting her first call this very same week. I do believe that is a little too optimistic, but we'll see.

I'm proud of my daughter. She's doing real well. She's punctual, hard working, dutiful, reliable and energetic. I'm sure she'll make a great employee. Having some extra money of her own will do her good. She's studying economics and is very aware of the costs of life. No money will be wasted if she's in control. She'll put the extras aside for her future. What a great kid..

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