Friday, January 21, 2011

Oops.. I did it again..

Where are you? I miss you! Please come back and cuddle me!

That's what I believe Inthe must have thought when she and Rebba were waiting on the couch for me to get up. They must have got bored or lonely. When I came down, they didn't welcome me at the door. And when they don't, it means they are in trouble.. Again..

The stuffing from the couch was spread all over the floor.. Blankets and pillows were scattered around the room. But worst of all: they had found my glasses... And again, they had been chewing on them. Darn! Those glasses are not even a year old, silly morons! I hope there will be a way to get them fixed. I'm lucky I didn't trash the other set (although they don't look much better since they underwent the same treatment).

Since I'm back from Florida, the dogs don't loose track of me. They follow me around all day. I'm not even safe in the bathroom, because both heads are peeping from behind the door. I love them to pieces and I missed them too, but there's no need to be following me around like a shadow..

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