Thursday, January 27, 2011


Is some strange force trying to hurt us?

Sunday night, coming back from our diabetes meeting, I had just dropped off a friend at his place. I headed back towards the highway, when all of a sudden, my car started to shake. I had a real hard time keeping it on the road. An alarm went off in the car, although no lights were showing on the dashboard. I was so happy there were no other cars near me, because I would most certainly have hit one at the time. My heart was pounding and as soon as I had the chance, I parked the car so I could take a deep breath and find out what the problem was. My wheels were still attached to the car and I could not see the problem..

The other day, I told my friend about this incident. He drives the same car. I thought he was kidding, when he told me he had experienced the exact same thing on the exact same evening? Hello??? Now that is freaky!!! The only difference was, that his car didn't give him any alarm signal, as mine did. He thought he had hit a spot of oil on the road. But there was no such thing.

I will mention it to my car shop. It's strange. I no longer feel safe in my car now. Yikes!

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