Sunday, March 13, 2011

Being on cloud 9

Last night was your first "real" night out. You and your friends went to a local dance night. You had been looking forward to this event for months! This week, you and your friends went shopping in Bruges to get a new outfit and the blisters on your heels from testing out your new dance shoes, have almost healed. You were all ecstatic about the party!!! Your cousin (the two of you were born in 2 days time) joined you and so did your boyfriend and your girlfriends. I'm sure you all had the time of your life and you danced your hearts out.

I'm really glad you had fun! It's satisfying to see your girls grow up to be responsible young adults with an interesting social life. Both our girls are loved and they like to love their friends back. For us, parents, it's about letting go and cutting the cord. Don't worry about that.. we're fast learners.

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