Thursday, March 3, 2011

Burdens of the past

I'm really proud of both our girls. They do real well in school, getting good grades, making precious friends. I like to give them compliments and motivation is important. Why focussing on the negative, if there are so many good things to talk about? That's exactly what I missed in my youth. The focus was on what we didn't do right. The good things were always left unnoticed and considered normal. To some, that may be a motivation to do better, but it sure wasn't a good method for me, nor for my siblings. Maybe that's one of the reasons why neither one of us is professionally active in the direction of what we studied to become?

I can only wish my girls will have the feeling that whatever they choose to do in life, will be a choice we will support them in. It's possible that one exam didn't turn out the way they expected it to be like. So what?? They'll survive. They feel bad enough already when they get their charts. So why reprimand? Kids don't get bad grades to aggravate their parents. But trust me: parents that aggravate their children, end up with children who have bad grades..

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