Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Grief is the price we pay for love

When my friend told me this quote by the hand of Elizabeth II, I could do nothing but agree. There is such a thin line between love and pain, that we must truly believe you cannot love without feeling pain. Both love and pain are strong emotions and still they go hand in hand.

Have you ever loved a person so deeply, that you could physically feel your heart ache? The fear something might happen to that person (or to the love for that particular person) could prevent you from loving someone. Once you loose yourself in the love for someone else, you become very vulnerable. Not one single thing you wouldn't do to please that person.

Love is beautiful, love is a gift. I remember our stay in London (June 2010), where we enjoyed Webber's Love Never Dies. That is what this quote is all about.. It was a very emotional play and it touched our hearts.

Would I give up love to prevent the hurt? I don't know.. I don't know what it feels like to live in this world without being loved or without the capability to love someone. I do believe that people who can't love another person, become bitter. It all starts with loving you! You can't love someone else as long as you don't accept and love yourself. Even that might hurt..

Grief is the price we pay for love.. A good lesson in life. Don't be afraid to hurt.. because hurt means that you are able to love as well..

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