Thursday, April 28, 2011

Drama queen

We know you're not fond of other dogs. Neither one of you. Whippets are known to be true racists, meaning they bond well with their own breed, but they are not very keen on meeting other dogs.. They are something else, that's for sure!

Last week, when I came home from a visit to Grandma's, I let the dogs out of the trunk. And bam! I didn't see her come, but there she was: elegance to the top! Farida is a gorgeous Afghan hound who lives in the neighborhood. I knew where she lived, but I had never seen her before. It was about time our girls got to meet her. But that was a bummer. Rebba and Inthe had no intention to meet Farida.. They barked at her, despite Farida's attempts to be gentle and humble. Farida even kneeled down to come to their level, but I had to put them inside until they stopped making a fuss. It gave me some time to talk to Farida's owner and his daughter. What a lovely family and what a beautiful, well maintained dog. I fell in love with her right away!

After a while, I called Rebba and Inthe to introduce them to their new friend. They were still very hesitant to come outside, but I could tell Inthe was curious. Rebba was not that willing and didn't trust the situation at all. I comforted her and told her it was okay. She seemed more relaxed after some time and finally they met. They sniffed each other and touched noses. I was so happy to see that! It would be great if they could meet up every now and then to race around the socker field!! If only Rebba wouldn't be such a drama queen. For the rest of the night, she ignored me. Did she really think I was going to trade them for the Afghan? Absolutely not!!! They are my babies and I would never give them away. So relax Rebba. You and Inthe are still my number one!

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