Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An upgrade

Photo by Lana Joos
For a few years, Hubby has been on the look out for a new housing area for our three turtles. They keep growing bigger and the sandbox they usually sit in during summertime, has become too small. They truly needed an upgrade! After having surfed some time on the Net, Hubby came up with some good ideas.. so he went shopping..

To our pleasure, all three creatures are very happy with their new habitat. They have a nice pond now, where they can actually swim and enjoy themselves. They are having the time of their life! Especially in these warm days, they like to crawl out of the water and get a tan. Quite often, they sit on top of each other, making a pyramid of turtles. They stretch out their limbs and close their eyes while the sun dries their shield. Lana likes to observe them and take their picture. She's not a fan of picking them up, but that's okay. After all, turtles are not the kind of pet we tend to cuddle..

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