Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stepping out of your comfort zone

You knew this week was coming, but still you were kind of apprehensive. That's completely normal. After all, you are stepping out of your comfort zone, to try something different. You haven't been a diabetic for that long. It took me 4 years on syringes, before I made the transfer to an insulin pump. Thinking of the day we met, I remember the look in your eyes when you saw my pump. It was nothing you would choose. But that's okay. Nobody should be pumping if they're not ready for it. So I never pushed you. You did what you had to do and so did I.

After you joined www.diabetesforum.be you got acquainted with so many other diabetics. They embraced you immediately, because that's the kind of person you are. And you loved them back. I could tell your eyes and ears were open and you are very good at soaking up information. So it didn't surprise me that one year later, you decided you were ready to start pumping. Your nurse gave you the chance to take the pump home for practice and that's exactly what you did. Things didn't always go smoothly at first, but that's okay too. It's a process. To us, it looks real easy and logical, but if you're totally new to pumping, it's scary, I admit.

This afternoon, our mother-in-law and I will come visit you. Because we want to wish you all the best of luck. Welcome to the world of the Combonauts..

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