Saturday, May 14, 2011

A sweet tooth

I don't have much of a sweet tooth. Although I like to prepare desserts, I'm not a huge dessert lover. I guess I'm a lucky diabetic! Can't imagine how hard it must be for a diabetic who craves sugar!

I have not lived the days when sugar was forbidden for diabetics. I do have deep respect for people with D who had to live up to a very strict diet. They must have been deprived of so many good things. How about children? They come across so many events where products are loaded with sugar: birthday parties, trips to the amusement park, fun fairs, treats at the grandparents,.. Nowadays, treatment for diabetics has changed. It all comes down to counting carbs. Okay, rapid sugars are not the best choice, but they can be eaten within moderation. As long as you count your carbs and make sure you inject the insulin needed. That's exactly what I do when I enjoy my favorite sabayon!

I have tried to make desserts or bake goodies without sugar. There are numerous kinds of sweeteners one can use, but no thanks, I'm not a fan. Cakes and cookies really need sugar to get their crunchiness and nice tan. I do use less sugar in my desserts as what the recipe calls for and I haven't had any complaints so far. It's my way of cutting down on carbs without losing flavor. Wouldn't you rather eat a dessert full of flavor than some tasteless piece of crap? Exactly..

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