Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I want to ride my bicycle

A number of years ago - it must have been on Mother's Day - hubby bought me my very own bicycle. He was thrilled by the idea of his wife riding a bike and leaving her car in front of the house..

Well.. at least that was the plan. I'm not very good at hiding my responses to what's happening. I had a very hard time putting on my happy face. Wasn't too sure whether hubby got the message, but his excitement didn't convince me. I just don't like to ride a bicycle. They're a pain in the.. butt! Literally!

But I behaved and we decided to go for a ride. The kids got their bikes, hubby was waiting on his and I took a deep sigh before I climbed my spic and span new bicycle. By the time I got the bike from the terrace all the way through the hallway and up to the front door, I was done with it.. Bikes are so not me.. I prefer 4 wheeled vehicles. I like to sit inside my vehicle, not on some hard saddle. But I wanted to give it a go. You never know what happens, right?

The kids loved the ride and so did their dad. I was not impressed though.. So what?? I don't like bikes! Period! I don't like bikers who think the roads are designed for them. I don't like groups of bikers in the pouring rain. I hate flat tires and non-working lights. Don't even think about those bright yellow vests you're supposed to wear to get noticed in traffic. Sorry hubby, bikes and your wife are not a good match.

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