Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My top 10 dishes

I often ask people what their most favorite dishes are. Just out of curiosity. I like to cook and I love to try out new recipes. Maybe I should make a cookbook that contains nothing but favorite dishes of my friends. Wouldn't that be thrilling? Some people write down their favorite recipes on little sheets of paper. Those written recipe notes get dirty and in the end they get lost. If we would make a cookbook, we would safekeep all of these recipes.

I'm ready to let you know my top 10 dishes of the moment:
  • buttermilk mash, wax beans with shallots and a home made dressing, poached egg
  • chili con carne (yep, beans again)
  • pasta all'arrabiata
  • goat cheese salad
  • quiche lorraine
  • Chinese dim sum
  • foie gras
  • orange chicken and stirfried veggies
  • Vietnamese spring rolls
  • artichokes with a mustard dressing
Let me know if you want to share one of those meals with me. I'm ready!


Stijn said...

voor de foie gras pas ik maar de rest klinkt njammie

Bittersweet said...

maar daarmee ken ik uwen favorieten top 10 nog niet hè!