Saturday, June 25, 2011

Joy oh joy

It's amazing how much joy you bring into my life. I always look forward to getting up in the morning, so we can have our cuddles. It's like we haven't seen one another for a year or two! All the excitement when you see me! You jump all over me and the look in your eyes is touching. So we cuddle on the couch and we kiss and embrace each other. The moment you and your friend lie down again, is another moment of joy. Because I know how happy the two of you are.. You are best friends and I fear the day we'll have to let go of one of you. The other will be devastated. You cling like Siamese twins, always on top of each other and like shadows you move around the house.

Whippets are my favorite dog breed. They are so clever and sweet and loving. We're buddies and I'm so happy Rebba and Inthe came to live with us. They picked us as their people family and we don't regret their choice. From the love they give us, I can tell they are happy too.. They are part of our family..

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