Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sharing happiness

They claim it's all about the little things. An early sunbeam peaking through the curtains. The spontaneous laughter of a baby when you make those silly oochiekoochy noises. A full stomach after a with love prepared meal. That old postcard you found in the attic - it must have been ages since you kissed the boy who wrote it at the age of 14. You know.. the little things.

But what exactly is happiness? Is it constant? Does it last forever? How could you describe it? Happiness is when you start asking yourself: what's keeping me?

When people ask you: are you happy? How can you honestly answer that question? I mean, you can't be happy all the time, can you? Wouldn't it be so exhausting to be happy all the time? So predictable? I believe happiness is something you need to work on. Try to do your best without overreacting. Being happy is not something one can demand. 

I like to share happiness. It's so overwhelming to make other people happy, to reflect your happiness on them. I like happy attitudes and happy people to surround me with. Because being around happy people brightens your own life. It gives you energy and a true boost. Be happy! Start with small steps. Enjoy the little things in life..

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