Monday, June 27, 2011

Chat 'n Chew

Going out for dinner is always a pleasure, especially in good company. It's something we really like to do: having a chat over a well presented plate of delicious food. The clock ticks away time, but we don't keep an eye on it. Because good times are not supposed to end.

There's this show on TV, called Dinner Date. A single person tries to find his ideal date. Five candidates make their own personal 3 course meal in the hope the single person will pick them. Without having seen anything but the menus, the single person gets to choose 3 favorite dates. He then gets invited into their homes for a romantic dinner date. Some can cook, others are wonderful hosts and sometimes there's no click at all.
At the end of the week, the single person gets to pick his favorite date, based on the cooking skills, the romance and the overall impression of the night. All 3 candidates are supposed to dress up for a night out, but only one gets the chance for a second date, in a romantic restaurant. The other 2 get TV dinners delivered to their houses.

What a great concept! It seems like a lovely way to meet new people. Maybe people should do this in real life too! It would be a challenge. I suppose married people don't do dinner dates?


Stijn said...

op welke zender is dat eigenlijk?

Bittersweet said...

goeie vraag! maar 'k heb het opgezocht: vitaya. Ik neem dat altijd op en nadien weet ik dan niet meer op welke zender ik dat gezien heb hè. Wel tof!