Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just a kiss

There's not much more I can do for you sweetie. There's not going to be any food in your bowl today. You had to stay sober for the big event. You have no idea why we're leaving that early this morning. You wouldn't want to miss a ride in the car, so you were all happy and chipper when I got both your and Rebba's leash. I had to bring Rebba too, because she goes frantic if we separate the two of you.

Rebba had the same operation some time ago. Things went well and we no longer need to worry about accidental pregnancy. But you, little Inthe, are so pretty and the boys are too fond of you. You know you are pretty and you sure like to present yourself to available partners. Ooh sweetie, my heart bleeds that you need to have this operation, but it will be safer and in the end better for you. We are not familiar with raising a nest of puppies and I would be devastated to have to let go of your offspring. So no, we can't do that. Trust me.. it's the best and only option for you.

I hope you'll be fine and the surgery will bring you not too much discomfort. We'll be very gentle with you today. Let me give you a kiss and a cuddle. Good luck honey.. xx

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