Saturday, September 24, 2011

Loving and caring

The two of you are like Siamese twins: you can't be separated.. Little Inthe had to stay in the animal hospital for about 6 hours and Rebba went bananas.
As soon as Inthe got a shot in her bum to help her relax, you started to panic. Leaving her behind was not what you had in mind. You started to hyperventilate and you were shivering all over your body. Inthe had no idea what was going on, but she went into the bench, ready to be operated on.

We took you for a long walk, Rebba, and we had a hard time calming you down. You didn't feel at ease and you kept looking out for your little mate. It was so moving to see how you missed her. It's not easy to explain to a dog what's happening, is it? We walked and walked and had some coffees and lunch, before it was time to pick sweetie up. As soon as we got into the driveway of the hospital, you were alert. You didn't hesitate to enter the clinic this time, because you wanted to be near Inthe. What a joy when you finally reencountered. Inthe looked absolutely fine and she was all chipper and alive. We were so happy the operation went well and that she was doing so good.

Later on that night, the wound started to bother Inthe. There was no more anesthesia and you were hurting. Hubby was very gentle with you and carried you around the house. Rebba stayed close and didn't loose track of you. You both had a good night, snuggled in together in your bench. Rebba takes good care of you, Inthe. She's a real mommy.. Get wel soon, bunny!

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