Friday, September 16, 2011

Seventh heaven

Three days we have been spending together. It had been a while since the 5 of us last went out. There was some catching up to do. But mostly we had fun and a good time.

It's time to unpack our suitcases. I had no idea what to bring this time. I have cleaned up my dressing many times in the last couple of months and there's not that much left. Would we go out to dinner? Would I need high heels to dress up? I didn't know and that's just the way I like it: you keep surprising us. You know what we like to do and you're good at planning fun activities. Thank you for caring!

's Hertogenbosch was a whole lot of fun: wonderful shops, good food, plenty of sun and a nice place to rest our bodies. Did I mention good company? It's always a joy to hang out together and this time wasn't any different. I have a completely new wardrobe and yes... I bought shoes and boots (again). But guess what? Hubby has become a shopaholic too! The times he had just one pair of shoes is long ago now.

This one street in 's Hertogenbosch is loaded with inviting restaurants. It can be compared to Leuven or Brussels in that manner and the atmosphere was very pleasant. We had dinner at In den zevenden hemel and the staff was so nice! The menu was amazing (in fact, I wanted to order 3 appetizers and have a 4th one as dessert) and I had a hard time picking out my preference. There were too many things I would have enjoyed. I made a good choice though and I hope this restaurant will be on our favorite places to go - list for the coming years.

My batteries are loaded again. I have fresh energy.

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