Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Back in time

Photo by Lana Joos
You got a third lens for your camera. It was a good investment, to buy that camera from our friend. So far you have made so many beautiful shots. People are startled that you make these pictures without any schooling at the young age of 16. The results are absolutely stunning. Photographers need this special eye and you have got it.

Photo by Lana Joos

The places you pick out to make photographs, are unique too. This time, you, your sister and her friend found an abandoned house. Full of cobwebs, but the ideal background for the theme you had in mind. Your sister and her friend were more than willing to be your models of the day. Your sister is learning a lot from you and she looks up to you for what you achieve. You give her tips and you take her along on your photography routes.

When you chose economics as your main subject in school, we had no idea what could be your later job in life. You had no specific career in mind at the time. It may be a little early to speculate, but there are some subjects you really like to do. Maybe journalism could be your future? You would love to see the world, explore, see things, write about it, take pictures. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? It may be something to keep in the back of our head, for future decisions. In the mean time, keep doing what you do well: making wonderful snapshots.


Upje said...

Pas op, niet te veel over beginnen. Mijn ouders hebben mijn zus altijd gezegd dat ze misschien maar bakker moest worden later, omdat ze altijd zo'n lekkere taarten en cakes bakte. Resultaat: dat kind wordt ZOT als je het woord bakker nog maar uitspreekt en ze is het uiteraard ook niet geworden ;).

Ze vindt haar weg wel ... En ze heeft zeker een geweldig groot talent!


Bittersweet said...

Das inderdaad heel erg waar... Weet er alles van..